Top 10 Areas You Probably Miss When Cleaning Your Home

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Top 10 Areas You Probably Miss When Cleaning Your Home

January 22, 2024

Cleaning our homes makes them feel welcoming and a good place to relax. It is also important to keep our homes clean to stay healthy, especially for those who have allergies. Most people have a routine cleaning list that they go through on a regular schedule, but many of these lists miss important areas that can harbor odors and become a breeding ground for bacteria. This article sheds light on 10 of the most common areas you might miss when cleaning your home. Paying attention to these areas sets the stage for you to have a cleaner and healthier home.

1. Cleaning Behind and Under Appliances:

One reason why you might miss the areas behind appliances is that appliances are often too heavy and awkward to move. Also, the build-up of dirt is out of sight and easy to miss. Pests are often attracted to areas of dirt and debris hidden behind appliances, so it is important to schedule this task at least every couple of months. To clean this important area, you should move the appliance out of place and use a vacuum to clean the areas. Then, you should follow with a good wipe down of the area.

2. Consistent Cleaning Underneath Furniture:

The area underneath furniture falls into a similar category as appliances. It is difficult to move, and it is not an area you see often. This is a prime spot for the accumulation of pet hair, dirt, dust bunnies, and items you have lost. If you have small children, this is especially the case. Plus, you might just find something you have been looking for as you clean up the dust bunnies and allergens that build up.

3. Dusting Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures:

Ceiling fans and light fixtures are a surface where dust and allergens can accumulate. They are high up and difficult to reach which is why they might be missed when cleaning your home. An extendable duster and a chair or step ladder will help make the task easier. You should clean the blades and the top of the fixtures. You might also need to remove the bulbs and give the globes a good cleaning. Cleaning your fans and lighting improves the indoor air quality and the efficiency of your lighting. Your room will look brighter when you attend to this task regularly.

4. Routine Cleaning of Baseboards and Crown Mouldings:

Baseboards and crown mouldings are a task that you might notice but tend to put off until later when cleaning your home. Baseboards require a lot of bending, and some people might not be able to do this easily. Crown moulding requires a chair or ladder and a lot of reaching. To make it less difficult to clean, purchase a special baseboard tool that eliminates some of the bending and reaching. You can also use a damp cloth. The key to making this job easier is to do it more often so it is just a quick swipe and not major scrubbing. You should also avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the wood or finish.

5. Keeping Door Frames and Window Sills Dust-Free:

Dust and dirt build up slowly, and you gradually get used to seeing it. Dirt and dust on door frames and window sills tend to blend into the background and become part of the decor. They are a good hiding place for dust and other allergens. You can wipe them off with a damp cloth, or you can use the extension attachments on your vacuum cleaner. Seasonal cleaning prevents the build-up of dust, which can cause mold to grow.

6. Hygienic Cleaning Behind the Toilet:

The area behind the toilet is an area that is frequently missed. It is an area that is hard to reach, but cleaning it is important for good bathroom hygiene and the moisture from the bathroom makes this a prime space for mildew to begin growing. You can remember to give this area a quick swish as you are cleaning the toilet. You can also use the same tools and cleaners to keep this area fresh and clean.

7. Frequently Clean the Top of Cabinets:

How long has it been since you cleaned the tops of your cabinets and any objects that you have on display? If you are like most, you might not even be able to remember, but you look at them every day. They are part of your home decor and are likely to be noticed by guests. This is an especially troublesome area because grease droplets from cooking combine with the dust, making it a prime breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

You can clean the tops of cabinets with a long-handled duster, vacuum, and attachments, or by hand with a microfiber cloth. You can also remove and clean any other objects and make them shine. Before you replace your items, you can use a liner or protective covering to make the job easier the next time.

8. Remove and Clean Air Vents or Covers:

Air vents and covers are an important area to clean when it comes to indoor air quality and the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. They require tools to remove and clean properly. You also need a ladder for those near ceilings and might need to drag your vacuum cleaner hose up there. Regular duct cleaning can help prevent odours when you turn on the system after sitting for some time unused.

9. Dusting and Washing Window Blinds and Curtains:

Window blinds and curtains are another area that seems to blend into the background and go unnoticed. These areas can also be time-consuming to clean and fragile. Window treatments are prime targets for the collection of dust, pet hair, and allergens. Those who have pets know to pay special attention to the bottoms of curtains. Curtains can be machine-washed or handled according to the manufacturer's instructions. Some might need to be dry-cleaned, depending on the fabric. Regular cleaning and protection from ultraviolet (UV) light will make them last longer and keep them looking their best.

10. Regular Cleaning of Light Switches:

Light switches are an area of the home that is touched by many people over the course of the day. They are also an easy way for viruses and bacteria to spread. Keeping them clean goes a long way in preventing seasonal illnesses. You can clean them safely using disinfectant wipes or a damp cloth. These are areas that you might want to clean more than once a week to prevent the spread of illness.

Why Not Hire a Professional Cleaning Company?

Paying attention to areas of the home that are often missed in regular cleaning routines is an important step in reducing allergens and improving air quality. Your home is not truly clean if you have dirt lurking in overlooked areas. You might not need to include these areas as often in your cleaning routine, but you should put them on the schedule. This will have a positive impact on the cleanliness of your home and your health. If you would rather skip these areas and save time, you could have a professional come and do the job right. Contact the house cleaning professionals at Luxoclean, and we will take care of it for you, so you can get back to the things you love.

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