How to Get Stains Out of Upholstery

Remove stubborn stains from your upholstered furniture. We'll guide you through the process, from blotting up excess liquid to using the right cleaning solutions.

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How to Get Stains Out of Upholstery

April 13, 2023

It happened; you spilled red wine all over your favorite upholstered chair. Don't panic just yet; it's not the end of the world. While it may seem daunting, removing the wine stain from your upholstery is possible. With the right techniques and tools, you can easily remove tough stains and restore your furniture to its former glory.

Accidents happen to the best of us, so don't beat yourself up too much over a spilled glass of wine. Instead of getting lost in old wives' tales and myths, try some of these tips of the trade to get the stain out of your upholstered furniture. Take action quickly and confidently, and your upholstery will look as good as new in no time.

Tips For Removing Tough Stains Like Red Wine from Your Upholstery

Although you may take all possible measures to avoid spilling anything on your upholstery, accidents can still happen. Some stains can diminish the beauty of your upholstered furniture. Fortunately, there are many ways to remove stubborn stains from upholstery. By learning these proven techniques, you can ensure that you'll know how to tackle any spills the next time you enjoy a glass of red wine while lounging on your furniture.

Step # 1 - Blot Up the Excess Wine

Blotting up the excess wine is a crucial first step in getting stains out of upholstery. This is because blotting helps remove as much of the wine as possible before it has a chance to set into the fabric. If left untreated, wine stains can become difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

Use a clean cloth or paper towel to avoid transferring additional dirt or stains onto the fabric. Press the cloth gently onto the stain, allowing it to absorb the excess wine. Avoid rubbing the stain, as this can spread the wine further into the fabric, making removing it even more difficult.

Remember that the longer a stain sits, the more difficult it becomes to remove. If you cannot remove the stain on your own, call in a professional upholstery cleaner to help. Professionals like Luxoclean have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to remove even the toughest stains, leaving your upholstery looking and feeling new.

Step # 2 - Apply a Cleaning Solution

You can use several cleaning solutions to remove red wine stains from upholstery. One option is mixing equal parts dish soap and hydrogen peroxide and applying them to the stain. After letting it sit for a few minutes, use a clean cloth to blot the affected area. Another option is to mix equal parts white vinegar and water and use a spray bottle to apply it to the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes, then blot it up with a clean cloth.

However, we suggest you test the solution on a non-visible section of the applicable piece of furniture first to ensure no discoloration.

Step # 3 - Rinse and Repeat

After applying the cleaning solution, rinse the area with clean water and blot it dry with a clean cloth. If the stain is still visible, repeat it until it's gone.

Step # 4 - Dry the Upholstery

Once the stain is gone, use a clean, dry towel to blot up any remaining moisture. Then, allow the upholstery to air dry completely before using it again.

If you are trying to remove pet stains, it may require some extra steps beyond what you would do for regular stains. Here is what to do differently from the steps listed above.

  • Use a pet-specific stain remover - Many products on the market are designed to remove pet stains. Look for one that is safe for your upholstery and follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Use a carpet extractor - If the stain is particularly stubborn, you may want to use a carpet extractor to deep clean the upholstery. This machine sprays a cleaning solution onto the upholstery and then extracts it along with the dirt and stains.

Tips For Removing Blood from Your Upholstery

Blood can be tough to remove from fabric, whether a small cut or a nosebleed. However, you can get those stubborn stains out of your upholstery with the right techniques and patience. In this section, we'll share some tips and tricks for removing blood from your upholstery and sanitizing the area to keep your furniture looking clean and fresh.

Step # 1 - Act Fast and Blot Up the Stain

The sooner you can attend to the blood stain, the better. Start using a clean cloth or paper towel to blot up as much blood as possible. Avoid rubbing the stain, which can push the blood deeper into the fabric.

Step # 2 - Apply a Cleaning Solution

Mix a solution of cold water and a small amount of laundry detergent. Dip a clean cloth into the solution, and use it to dab the stain gently. You can also try using an enzyme cleaner designed specifically for blood stains. Protease enzymes are commonly used in various industries, such as medical device cleaning, laundry, and agriculture. They are favored for their safety to users, efficient performance in small quantities, and environmentally-friendly nature. So, look for a solution that contains these powerful enzymes.

With whatever product you use, follow the instructions on the cleaner's label for the best results.

Step # 3 - Rinse and Blot Dry

After applying the cleaning solution, rinse the area with cold water and blot it dry with a clean cloth. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Step # 4 - Dry the Upholstery

Once the stain is gone, use a clean, dry towel to blot up any remaining moisture. Then, allow the upholstery to air dry completely before using it again. Avoid using a hairdryer or other heat source, as this can cause the fabric to shrink or warp.

When to Call the Professionals to Get Stains Out of Your Upholstery

Knowing when to call the professionals to get stains out of your upholstery can save you time, effort, and money in the long run. While some stains may seem easy to remove with household products, others may require specialized equipment and techniques. Additionally, attempting to remove stains on your own may lead to irreversible damage to your upholstery. By calling Luxoclean, you can experience all the benefits that professional housecleaners provide. We'll ensure that your upholstery is properly cleaned and maintained, leaving it looking and feeling new for years.

Luxoclean has the experience to remove unwanted stains from your upholstery. Book online or call us at (226) 808-3368. We look forward to helping you.

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