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Professional Cleaning Tips

Secret Tips and Tricks Professional House Cleaners Use

March 13, 2024

Cleaning Tips

Professional cleaners often employ innovative techniques in their work to make the process quicker and easier. These tips and tricks are used for a variety of surfaces, from cleaning kitchen faucets to dusty ceiling fans. Let's take a look at a few of these house cleaning secrets you might like to try.

Toothbrush for Nooks and Crannies

Naturally, you won't want to use your regular toothbrush for home cleaning but it's an excellent way to repurpose an old one instead of throwing it away. It's particularly useful to clean tight areas and corners that might otherwise be hard to reach.

In particular, it's an excellent tool for faucets, grout lines, and anywhere hardware is involved. Other tools will be better for large areas but if you have a smaller one in a tricky location, an old toothbrush is a great choice. Just add a little bit of cleaning solution the way you'd add toothpaste and those tight corners will shine.

The Pillowcase Trick for Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans tend to collect a lot of dust, especially since dusting them can be a pain when it means having to vacuum, sweep, or mop up all the dust that has been knocked down. However, there's a trick that can help you avoid having to do all that extra work to keep the ceiling fan clean.

All you'll need is an old pillowcase. Insert the blade like you would a pillow and wipe the dust off. It then falls harmless into the pillowcase, which can then be emptied into the trash, sparing kitchen tables, other furniture, and floors.

Steam Cleaning Microwave Messes

Nobody enjoys cleaning out a microwave, especially one that has month-old chili stains on the sides. However, the next in our series of professional cleaning tips will make it easier than ever. All you need is a microwave-safe bowl filled with water and a little bit of lemon juice.

Place the bowl in the microwave for five minutes with the power set to "high". The water will then produce steam, which in turn loosens the grime and food splatter. Everything can be wiped away with a simple cloth and no scrubbing involved.

Lint Roller for Lampshades and Delicate Surfaces

Cleaning lampshades or other easily damaged surfaces can be an annoying and time-consuming process. However, with these professional cleaning tips, you'll be able to get it as clean as when it was new in just a few minutes.

A lint roller is perfect for getting stray hairs, dust, and almost anything else you don't want off of surfaces that are traditionally difficult to clean. They're strong enough to stick to dirt but not rip clothing, which means they're also great for other sensitive materials.

Squeegee for Carpet

Having a pet is a truly amazing experience for many people but they also unfortunately leave a lot of hair lying around. This can easily end up inside carpet fibres and be difficult to remove, even with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

An easier way to get pet hair or other annoying substances out of carpets is by using a squeegee. It will dig out even deep-set hair, dirt, and other substances you'd rather not be walking on. Upholstered furniture can also be cleaned using the same method.

The Double-Bucket Method for Mopping

The most annoying part of mopping, especially when it's over a large area, is the constant need to change the water. After the mop has been wrung out a few times, the water has turned completely grey and will actually make the floor dirtier.

An easier way to mop floors is to have two buckets: one for clean water and the other for rinsing. With this system, the water won't have to be changed nearly as often and you can mop everywhere that needs it while using a lot less water.

The Magic of Microfiber Cloths

Traditional cleaning cloths or paper towels can be great for cleaning surfaces but constantly buying new paper towels and cleaning solutions can be quite costly over time.

Microfiber cloths, however, use static electricity to attract and hold dust or dirt, making cleaning easier than ever. They can also clean a surface with just water, reducing the number of specialized cleaning solutions you'll need. They're durable, long-lasting, and can work on a variety of surfaces.

Old Socks for Blind Cleaning

Removing dust from blinds can be an annoying and time-consuming process, especially if the house has a lot of windows. It can be especially difficult for a duster to reach certain places on the slats or in the corners.

However, that process can be accelerated by putting on an old sock (in the way one would wear a glove) and wiping off the dust. For a deeper clean, the socks can be dipped into a solution of water and vinegar.

Ice Cube for Gum Removal

In a house with children, the odds of getting gum stuck in the carpet at some point in their lives are pretty high. Once it's pressed into the carpet, it can be very difficult to remove without damaging the fabric.

However, a simple ice cube can work wonders. By rubbing it over the gum, it will harden and can be removed easily without any residues or fabric damage.

Other Tips from Professional House Cleaners

Use the Top-Down Approach

When cleaning, it's always best to start at the top. This applies to both individual items and rooms in general. As gravity will knock dust and dirt downward, you may end up having to clean the lower parts again if you start at the bottom. Light fixtures and high shelves are a good starting point, then furniture, and finally the floors.

Multi-tasking to Reduce Cleaning Time

Multitasking is essential to an efficient cleaning experience. Apply a cleaning solution to the most difficult spots first, then approach other tasks while you wait for the cleaner to work its magic. Doing laundry between tasks is another excellent solution, too. By completing multiple tasks concurrently, the entire job will take much less time.

Limit the Distractions Around You

Since most cleaning jobs aren't fun, it's easy to get distracted by a text message, phone call, or television program. Keeping these distractions to a minimum will help you stay focused and efficient. By focusing on one detailed task at a time, the quality of the cleaning will rise and the process will be streamlined.

Create a Checklist and Plan Ahead

Organization methods like a detailed checklist will help make sure that nothing is overlooked and that all work is divided fairly and evenly amongst everyone helping. The level of cleaning will also become more consistent if everything is planned properly.


From using old socks and pillowcases for wiping away dust to using ice to pick up gum, these house cleaning secrets will help you transform your cleaning experience by making everything run as smoothly and efficiently as possible while making everything cleaner than ever. Try out these methods in your own home during your next weekend cleaning!

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