The Ultimate Stress-Free Party Cleaning Guide

Discover effective pre-party planning, cleaning tips during a party, and after party cleanup solutions in our ultimate guide. Make having a party simple to clean.

Party Cleaning

The Ultimate Guide for a Hassle-Free Party Cleanup

June 17, 2024

Having a party can be a lot of fun but cleaning up afterwards is definitely not. Imagine waking up the next morning and seeing a destroyed kitchen, spilled drinks on the sofa or floor, and other half-forgotten memories of the wonderful party you hosted.

Having a clean-up plan in place before the party begins can help keep those memories positive, instead of serving as a reminder of the long hours spent cleaning afterward. Let's take a look at a few ways to make cleaning up after a party easier and more manageable.

Pre-Party Planning and Preparation

Before the party begins, create a plan that assigns duties and clarifies tasks for everyone involved. Furniture should be cleared and anything that might fall or be disturbed by guests should be removed. You'll also want an ample supply of cleaning equipment and products, as well as garbage bags. They should be easy to access but can be placed in a linen closet or a cabinet if you'd prefer your guests not to see them.

Coats and shoes should be placed in designated areas and pointed out to guests as they arrive. There should also be designated tables or counter space reserved for gifts, food, drinks, and other contributions from guests. Using coasters, tablecloths, and protective covers can stop surfaces from being damaged or stained during the party and will be much easier to clean.

Cleaning Tips During the Party

Quickly rinsing dishes as they're put into the sink, putting trash in the garbage, and completing other cleaning tasks can prevent messes from piling up and make the post-party cleaning much faster. Asking friends or family to help with these will make the work easier as well.

Emptying garbage cans as necessary during the event will prevent overflowing and stop garbage from piling up on the floor, as well as making them easier to lift. It's also a good idea to have a plan for spills and accidents, like having towels and cleaning solutions in convenient locations. Essential bathroom items like toilet paper, soap, and towels should be ready before the party begins and checked periodically during the party.

Post Party Cleanup Solutions

For after party cleaning, a checklist should be written up and placed in a visible location so everyone can check what needs to be done. Starting with the most difficult areas will make a significant impact and make sure the important work is done first, in case something comes up and you have to pause your cleaning for a little while.

Seeing the progress will also be a great motivator for finishing the after party cleaning. If you've spent all that time cleaning the hard stuff, five more minutes for the easy stuff won't seem as long. Asking guests to do the easier stuff may also be a better strategy, as some of them will be more willing to take out the trash than to mop a floor, for example.

Any stains or spills that happen should be addressed as soon as possible to make sure they aren't allowed to set in and potentially become permanent. Any party guests who choose to spend the night should be encouraged to help out with the cleanup and most of the time, they're likely to agree. All trash bags and bins should be cleared and stored until garbage pickup day comes around.

Time-Saving Cleanup Hacks

Using disposable plates, cups, and utensils can save you from washing dishes and many of these items can be recycled as well. Food and drinks should be prepared before the party starts unless you'll be ordering take-out, in which case you can get everyone's order in advance or simply put in a group order once everyone has arrived. Just before the party starts, you can remove the food from the refrigerator and reheat anything that will be served hot.

Snacks and beverages should be placed at self-serve stations with garbage cans located nearby. Furniture can be protected with either disposable or washable covers to ensure that spilled coffee, soda, wine, or other foods and beverages don't leave any stains. Having cleaning supplies nearby and ready to use can also prevent leaving permanent reminders of the party on furniture.

Another great way to minimize the number of areas that need to be cleaned is to keep guests within a certain space. For example, at an outdoor garden party or backyard barbecue, guests could be directed to walk around the house instead of through it. The fewer number of areas they visit, the less cleaning needs to be done.

Hiring Professional Cleaners for Your Party

There are many benefits to hiring a professional cleaning company before and/or after the party. Your guests will be so impressed with how beautiful and clean everything looks that they might take extra care to avoid doing anything that could cause a mess. It will also give you more time to focus on throwing the best party possible instead of rushing to clean everything at the last minute.

Scheduling a deep clean to help with after party cleaning can take the pressure off of you by letting the professionals handle all the hard work. They can also remove tough stains and lingering odours that might be left over. Your home will look better than ever and you won't have to spend hours doing the work yourself. It may cost more than doing it yourself but the time you'll be able to spend doing other things will make it worthwhile.

Wrap Up Your Party with These Easy Cleanup Strategies

Cleaning up after a party or social gathering can seem like a daunting task, but by planning ahead and splitting up cleaning tasks, it doesn't have to be a headache. Overnight guests will usually be more willing to help with the after party cleaning before they leave the following morning. By doing small cleaning tasks during the party, you can help prevent the mess from becoming too big, too. By trying out these strategies during your next party, you can make sure that your memories are focused on the amazing party you hosted instead of the hours you spent cleaning up the next day.

Choose Luxoclean for Hassle-Free Party Cleaning Solutions

Using a professional cleaning service either before or for after party cleaning can also make things go even more smoothly. They can take care of everything and give you more time to relax or focus on other things, as well as make sure that the cleanliness of your home leaves an immediate impression on your guests. If you are considering contacting a professional cleaning service before or after your next party, we hope you'll choose Luxoclean. We're dedicated to providing the best party cleaning services in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph, to make sure your home is spotless and ready for any occasion.

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