What Does a Deep Cleaning Include? The Deep Cleaning Basics

Explore the fundamentals of deep cleaning. Discover what's involved in a deep house cleaning and why it's more than just a regular cleaning routine.

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What Does a Deep Cleaning Include? Deep Cleaning Basics

October 17, 2023

Everyone knows what cleaning is, but what is deep cleaning? Whereas regular cleaning involves a surface-level cleaning routine that is usually performed once a week, a deep cleaning is done occasionally. Deep cleaning is done either once a month to every six months or even once a year depending on the need. It tackles hard-to-reach and ignored areas where dirt and dust can accumulate, as well as larger tasks such as getting rid of junk or unnecessary items, and organizing cluttered areas that are ignored during regular cleaning.

When you wonder, "What does a deep cleaning include?" you can be assured that it is far more thorough than a regular cleaning. Deep house cleaning takes more time than regular cleaning and is common during the spring, also known as spring-cleaning. But there are other times when a deep cleaning may be necessary, especially if you have a busy household, a house with pets, do a lot of cooking, or are elderly or disabled. Compared to regular cleaning, deep house cleaning offers both immediate and lasting advantages, including better and fresher-smelling indoor air quality, a cleaner and healthier living environment, and the removal of hidden dirt and allergens that can lead to chronic or recurring irritation and symptoms.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning in the kitchen is one of the first areas of focus on when doing a deep house cleaning. It is often a high-traffic area that over time becomes dirty with crumbs of food, grease, and hidden grime. Grease, grime, and food residue can accumulate and a surface-level cleaning may miss them altogether or only clean them halfway, allowing bacteria to grow, attracting pests, and giving off bad odours. Any surfaces that you step on, touch, or that get food grease or grime must be included in a deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning the kitchen doesn't only involve cleaning and dusting, but also sanitizing countertops, cabinets, sinks, and cleaning appliances, which are often hard to clean thoroughly for most people. The microwave is a common offender with stubborn grease and food stains. The stove top is another, with hard-to-reach crevices where food and grime stick, especially on standard burners. Sanitizing food preparation areas is important because it prevents cross-contamination of raw or unwashed foods that can transmit bacteria and cause illness from contact or ingestion. Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors are important in the kitchen, too, to make sure that it is clean under cabinets and the refrigerator, areas where crumbs and dust often get swept under and accumulate. Handles and cabinets are often neglected and may give off the appearance of being clean when they actually have grease and fingerprints. The kitchen backsplash can also harbour grease with the heat from cooking combined with frying oil. Finally, the sink and waste disposal can have bad odours from bits of rotting food, grease, and other waste that go down the pipes or get left behind around the sinkhole.

At Luxoclean, our kitchen cleaning services provide the following deep cleaning tasks:

  • Clean Stove Top
  • Clean Inside Microwave
  • Clean Cabinets (Outside)
  • Soak Stove, Drip pans
  • Knobs in the Sink
  • Wipe and Clean Backsplash

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

The bathroom is another high-traffic area, perhaps the most trafficked room in the house. Whether you have one or more bathrooms that you use alone or share with other members of the household, bathrooms always get dirty and tend to need even more cleaning and sanitizing than kitchens. When cleaning the bathroom, the toilet, sink, mirror, and bathtub or shower all need attention. But in a deep cleaning, all of these areas and more get thorough cleaning.

The toilet must be cleaned inside and outside the rim, the lid, and the seat as well as in-between the seat and the tank, while the bathtub needs all soap scum and iron deposits removed. Shower doors also get soap scum and are often neglected, because they get dirty with every shower. Soap scum becomes greasy and slippery as a filmy layer that makes you feel like you can never get quite clean and gets on your feet, while iron deposits cause rust and both are caused by hard water. If you have a curtain liner, the shower track can get greasy and the shower curtain can have mildew and hard water stains. The sink basin can have stains and iron deposits, too, while the knobs and cabinet surfaces and handles can have grease and fingerprints. The sink and toilet can also emit bad odours if not thoroughly spotless or if the interiors are not addressed. Pools of water by the bathtub or shower and sink can become mildew, especially if left uncleaned or if you're in a humid environment. Mirrors get dirty with water splatter and gunk and become hazy. The corners near bathtubs, around the walls and toilet, and the areas underneath cabinets also accumulate dust and debris. Finally, grout lines accumulate a build-up of grime and dirt that can be hard to clean and return to a bright white colour.

Our bathroom deep cleaning services at Luxoclean provide the following tasks:

  • Wipe and Sanitize All Surfaces
  • Clean Bath Tub
  • Clean Showers
  • Clean and Sanitize Toilets
  • Shine Faucets
  • Clean Shower Track/Curtain Liner
  • Clean Shower/Tub Grout in Between Tiles

Deep Cleaning for Common Areas in the Home

Deep house cleaning may be just as necessary for the rest of the home as the kitchen and bathroom, especially for bedrooms and living room and other common areas that are used a lot. Appliances are commonly ignored or neglected, whereby they accumulate dust, making breathing fresh, clean air harder -- no matter how much air circulation you have or how much other cleaning has been done. Not only do floors and surfaces need to be cleaned, but also the removal of garbage and unnecessary junk, things which are commonly hoarded or collected into a big pile or mess that causes clutter, takes up space, and hides important items. If you have pets, then deep cleaning creates healthier living conditions for both you and them, since it removes pet hair, dander, stains, and odours that affect breathing and cleanliness.

The deep cleaning services we provide at Luxoclean for common areas are:

  • Clean Mirrors & Fixtures
  • Wiping Appliances
  • Cleaning Countertops
  • Cleaning Sinks
  • Dust All Surfaces
  • Vacuum and Dust Furniture
  • Vacuum & Mop Floors
  • Cleaning Light Switches
  • Wipe Table Tops
  • Clean Baseboards
  • Wipe Door Frames and Door Knobs
  • Wipe Window Sills and Frames
  • Empty Garbage Bins
  • Quick Floor Declutter

Now, it's easier to understand "What does a deep cleaning include?" for each room in the house. The key takeaways of what a deep house cleaning includes is thorough cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces and appliances, dusting, mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming, and removal of trash and junk. It prevents pests, bad odours, permanent damage, and bacteria for better hygiene, fresher, cleaner air, a healthier environment for people and pets, and the overall well-being of the household.

Deep cleaning services are available at Luxoclean to provide you with all the advantages of a thorough, reliable, consistent, and professional-level cleaning, so you can leave the hard work to us. Reach out, or book now to get your house deep cleaned!

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